Pet Allergies: Causes, Signs, and Treatment

Allergies can affect your dog or cat as much as they can affect you. Your pet could be allergic to tree pollen, grasses, dust mites, or other environmental substances. Pets are also susceptible to food and flea bite allergies, which can make their lives miserable. If you think your pet has allergies, bring him to Southside Animal Hospital in Winston Salem for an evaluation. We can test your pet to identify the source of his allergies and recommend the appropriate treatment.

Pet Allergies: Causes, Signs, and Treatment

Pet Allergy Symptoms

One of the most common symptoms of seasonal or flea bite allergies is itching. You’ll notice your pet biting, chewing, or scratching his skin incessantly. Your pet’s nonstop scratching can lead to skin infections, inflamed skin, and lesions.  Bathing can reduce or even remove your pet’s symptoms in some cases. For a more permanent solution, have your pet examined by your Winston Salem vet to get an accurate diagnosis and recommendation for treatment.

Itching is only one symptom of allergies. Your pet may also suffer from dry, flaky skin, hair loss, loss of appetite, lethargy, ear infections, and over-grooming. Food allergies can cause digestive or respiratory problems in your pet like chronic coughing, vomiting, and diarrhea. Call our Winston Salem vet right away if your pet displays any of these symptoms.

Pet Allergy Treatment

At Southside Animal Hospital, we take pet allergies seriously. Your pet’s allergic reactions can seriously impair his health, not to mention make him one unhappy kit or pup. The good news is that our vet can accurately diagnose your pet’s condition so he can get treated.

A comprehensive wellness exam is the first step toward helping diagnose your pet’s condition. During his exam, we’ll perform blood and skin tests to determine what’s causing his allergy symptoms. Lab tests will also eliminate other causes for your pet's symptoms. Once the allergens have been identified, we can recommend medications to help control your pet’s symptoms.

In the case of food allergies, we may recommend that your pet be put on a special diet, with foods being reintroduced into his system little by little to determine what he’s allergic to. This food can then be eliminated from his diet to protect his health and wellbeing.

See Our Winston Salem Vet for Pet Allergy Treatment

Pet allergies are more common than people think. Allergic symptoms often affect your pet’s skin in the form of itchiness, rash, fur loss, and skin infections. Left unchecked, allergic reactions can seriously impair your pet’s health. For diagnosis and treatment of pet allergies to alleviate symptoms and improve your pet’s quality of life, contact Southside Animal Hospital in Winston Salem at 336-784-0808 today.

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