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Just like people, it is important for pets to take care of their overall health. This is one of the responsibilities of a pet owner. Just as kids and adults go to the dentist, pet dental care is important as well. Pets use their mouths to eat, defend themselves, communicate, and love on their owners! Because of this, it is important for every pet to ensure that their teeth and mouths are well-taken care of. That is where the professional team at Southside Animal Hospital is here to help. We want to educate everyone on the importance of pet dental health. For the citizens of Winston Salem, we are here for all of your veterinarian needs.


The Importance of Preventative Pet Dental Health

There are numerous reasons why preventative dental health is important. It is always better to identify and correct problems before they arise than to try to correct them after a pet's health is in danger. This is the role of a pet dental visit. When we see your pet for a dental visit, we are going to do everything in our power to make sure that their mouth is healthy. We will take a look at the teeth and gums to make sure that their mouths are aligned properly. We will also do thorough teeth cleaning to knock off any plaque that might have built up over time. We want to ensure that your pet's mouth is healthy.

Identifying and Treating Acute Issues

At the same time, we also know that acute problems can arise when it comes to pet dental care. Maybe your pet had a traumatic accident and something has happened to his or her teeth. Perhaps the teeth have developed cavities. Maybe there is a foul odor coming from the mouth of the animal. Regardless, we want to make sure that any and all problems are corrected. For this reason, we will do a thorough exam and identify all of the problems that are present. Then, we will work with you to repair and fix any issues that might be present.

Count on the Team at Southside Animal Hospital for All Pet Dental Needs

Pet dental care is important and it is important for pet owners to invest the time to take care of their pet's mouth. That is why we are here. For more information on pet dental health and its importance, please contact Southside Animal Hospital located in Winston Salem today. Our veterinarian team will work with you and your pet to ensure that all of the pet dental needs are met. We want to keep your pet in pristine health so call us today at 336-784-0808!

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