Preventative Care

Preventative Veterinary Care

Our veterinary staff at the Southside Animal Hospital knows that the best way to protect your pet’s health is to be proactive and prevent illnesses and injuries before they happen. Among the wide array of pet services that we offer, preventative care lets your pet and you avoid pain, stress, and expenses. Preventative care centers around arming yourself with information and taking advantage of some simple procedures performed at our veterinary hospital. If you are in the Winston-Salem area, bring your pet in for an exam, and get to know our experienced and compassionate staff. Below are some of the pet services we provide along with some tips to keep your pet’s happy and healthy.



Our veterinary staff can help your pet easily avoid contracting life-threatening diseases such as rabies, leukemia, parvovirus, and distemper. These life-threatening and heartbreaking illnesses cause a great deal of pain for pets and worry for pet-owners, but they can easily be prevented by keeping your pets vaccinated. Vaccinations are an important part of the pet services that we offer at the Southside Animal Hospital. The vaccinations boost your pet’s immune system and allow them to safely play outside.

Accident Prevention at Home 

Pets and children alike do most of their exploring on or near the floor, and with boundless curiosity. Many of the most common accidents can be prevented by taking a few quick steps.

Be sure to secure power cords out of reach of pets, and keep any objects that are small enough to be swallowed safely put away. Toxic fluids such as antifreeze should be stored where pets can’t get to them. Keep in mind that some foods like onions or chocolate are harmful to pets, so stick to feeding your animal family members pet food only. We know it’s hard to say “no” but it’s for their own good.

Dental Pet Services

Like humans, as pets age, their teeth and gums show wear and tear. Before your pet’s appetite wanes and they develop painful problems, be sure to take advantage of the dental pet services offered at the Southside Animal Hospital. Proactive dental care now can save your pet from inflammation, soreness, and tooth decay in the future.


Preventing infestation before it starts is easier, cheaper, and far less aggravating for your pet than getting rid of parasites once they move in. Our veterinary staff will happily provide advice and assistance in choosing affordable protection from fleas and ticks. In addition, we are knowledgeable about specific threats that pets face in our area, including heartworms. Count on us for up-to-date information about the best topical and tablet prevention for all of the parasites that your pet is exposed to.

Keep Your Pet Healthy

Call the Southside Animal Hospital in Winston-Salem at (336) 784-0808 to make an appointment for your pet. We provide important vaccinations, a thorough exam, and veterinary guidance on how to sidestep health problems with your pets before they start.

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